Sunday, December 13, 2009

men in skirts.. why not?

So I personally dont mind a man in skirts... I mean honestly...all over the world men are wearing skirts.. will this ever catch on, on a massive scale in the US...ever!! I think it looks fine and sometimes it looks really good. Men like Mark Jacobs and Yohji Yamamoto rock skirts all of the time, in Trimapee's SS 2010 collection for men they feature a few skirts and even in a Y-3 collection for SS 2009 a model walked the runway in a skirt! Check out some photos of men in skirts in recent fashion...what do you think?


(Y-3 SS 2009)
Mark Jocobs

                            Trimapee's SS 2010

Photos of Trimapees line is from here Photo of the Y-3 collection is from here Photo of Mark from here

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