Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gareth Pugh! on of my favorite designers...

Once again Gareth Pugh pulled off a masterpiece on the runway... he is one of my favorite designers...ever! The spring 2010 show was full of smoky grays, coal black ,and silvers. I was inspired... i was in awe.. i loved it! The feathers and the draping reminded me of greek wariors or something... i was fully entertained by this collection...keep up the amazing work Gareth...


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mickey Mouse anyone?

Mickey mouse was an obvious inspiration for the Iceberg 2010 show. Im not going to lie... at first I was hesitant....but after I saw the complete collection I was all for the mouse look. I couldn't help but think that lady gaga would randomly show up on the runway.. thank god she didn't!

Versus Spring 2010 pinned to perfection!

Ok so I am loving Versus's spring 2010 runway collection! The sleek suits with the punk edge added by the playful safety pins was just too cute! I love the idea of a woman wearing a suit with a hint of masculinity but still feels feminine and sexy! I'll definitely keep up with Versus and what they have coming next season, I really like their vision.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Dsquared² spring 2010

Oh my.. Dsquared² slapped us all in the face and introduced us to this modern,hipster,LA,hobo-chic,biker not exaggerating...there were really all of these elements in the Dsquared² spring 2010 fashion show. I loved the surprising pops of color and modernity the Caten brothers showed. Bravo to both of them! They two of my favorite Canadian men...well ok i guess they're the only Canadian men i know.. well I dont actually know them... but whatever.. i love their clothing!


Fading polish!...oooo

I get the Marie Claire Masthead updates on my ipod touch and I was soo excited to to see nail polish trends as a topic for a Podcast! Check out these really cool nail trends. I'm a huge fan of the matte polish and the faded colors! Anyone else think this is exciting?!?

Thanks for the podcast Marie Claire!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Waris Ahluwalia...Indian American Partyboy, Jewelry Man

Waris Ahluwalia is a jewelry designer and actor. his pieces of jewelry are really interesting and and have something really unique about them...actually...what I honestly think makes them interesting is the designer himself...Waris Ahluwalia will catch the eyes of people anywhere he goes with his long beard and turban wrapped to perfection. I had to laugh while browsing photos of him at the hottest social events and parties. I give kudos to Waris Ahluwalia for embracing his Indian traditions.

Fendi Spring 2010 SHOES!!!

Oh My Goodness.... Fendi Fendi Fendi! Those shoes! Amazing! The mirror platform, the gorgeous tie up draping. If only.. if only... i could put those babies on my feet. then again i probably couldn't wear them anyways...i'd fall on my face before I even take a least I can dream..right?


La Roux

La Roux I believe in french means " the red head" and lets say the lead singer of this band has got quite an interesting red "doo" going on. I honestly enjoy La Roux's self titled 80's inspired pop Album. you cant help but notice Elly Jackson's ( the lead singer) obsession with 80's fashion and music. I'm not sure if the La Roux album is for everyone...well its probably not for many people at all but I sorta like it.... to check out the album visit their site here

So far My Favorite Mens Spring 2010 Show.

So far Moschino Spring 2010 tops my list for mens spring 2010 clothing line. I loved the print on the suits. Everything was amazing. It was innovative, slightly cheeky, with a hint of urban flair. The newspaper print dress shirts were perfection! If only I was a male...just kidding.

Jeans to Die For

I just checked out Trussardi's Spring 2010 line and I am loving the way they incorperated jeans into the line! I mean, did you see those jeans?! These Jeans are sort of a new take on the over done distressed jean. Trussardi also has an amazing recon jean dress. I honestly was not a huge fan of jean clothing other than pants but if they keep on looking this good, I may have to jump on the jean ban wagon.

UCE magazines Space Odyssey Issue...

Unfortunately due to my horrible memory I cannot remember where I came across UCE magazine. I do know that this magazine is amazing! It features designers and artists from all over the world. It's very innovative and I cant help but gawk at the amazing photos of the "robotic" women... check it out here at

Phillip Lim's Gold mens shoes.

While Exploring for men I came across this pair gold Phillip Lim shoes. They are amazing... what do you think...I'm not sure if every guy can pull them off but if you can why not?

fashion moment with Emilio Pucci spring 2010

Is anyone else crazy about Emilio Pucce's spring 2010 show? I loved the combination of the soft creams, nude pinks with a pop electric yellow and deep blues. You have to love this leather jacket!
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Help I'm Alive

Ok so i'm in love with metrics new CD Fantasies. It has some amazing singles like Help I'm Alive, and Sick Muse. Speaking of Sick Muse there's a music video for it! Check the video out at the song "Help I'm Alive" makes me feel like i'm in a still frame video with crazy people dress animal suites dancing around weird as it sounds, its actually quite satisfying.

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Hey everyone...thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess your all wondering why I decided to start a blog in the first place. Well, to be honest with was a mix of me being bored with Facebook and disgusted by Myspace( which i'm still surprised people still use...but whatever).. so I though why not have a place I could talk and talk and rant and rant about some of the things that I LOVE! some of the things ill be ranting on are the latest findings in FASHION, MUSIC, and ART. I also want my friends input. If you guys have any new things you've heard of.. TELL ME! I WANT TO KNOW!

Once again, thanks for anyone who's taking the time out to read this blog...