Sunday, February 28, 2010

Louise Golden's dark origami-military inspired collection

I just thought i'd mention how much I really enjoyed Louise Golden's fall 2010 collection! It was everything I loved in a collection...dark, structured and innovative. I loved the super dark eye on the models and the military construction in the jackets and skirts it was very inspiring. My favorite looks are the 3rd and last photo below!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fendi Plexi Clutch..super cute!

Dont you love this Fendi clutch.. it would look great with those Eddie Borgo SS2010 quarts bracelets!


shoes I love for this spring?

Some of my favorite shoes for this spring... can't wait to break out those killer sandals!

Eddie Borgo accessories for this spring!

I would love to get my hands on one these sapphire and quarts accessories from Eddie Borgos SS2010 collection... Aren't they gorgeous!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Karen Walker Spring 2010 sunglasses..too cute!

These are so cool!

Spring trend: Socks Under Sandals

I love this trend.. I think its super cute and with the perfect sandals and the perfect socks I think it will look amazing!


Nathan im speechless..

ok so this show was sooo refreshing! it honestly was one of the most exciting shoes ive seen for fall 2010! there was soo much diversity in the show.. from the models.. to the clothing the textures.. to the was just amazing! i loved it.. check it out!!


fur in fall... a few DIY's i did

(painted rabbit fur... sorry rabbits :(.. i didn't know it was real fur until now!!!)

 (one shoulder faux fur t-sleeve)

Basso & Brooke fall 2010!!! amazing colors amazing prints...

I absolutely loved the prints in Basso & Brooke's show.. they were breathtaking!!...if next fall will be full of these amazing colors and prints then its going to be one good season!!

p.s. was it me or did i feel a hint of Alexander Mcqueen in this show??


Japan fashion week!!! March 22-28

Japan Fashion week is swiftly approaching!!!! Check out the official website for more info!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Louis Vuitton's Ella Sunglasses

Louis Vuittons "Ella" sunglasses are soo sute! I'm not sure if i could get away with them.. but they sure will look great on someone else! I love the innovative concept and they're totally wearable!

Asian beauties!

I am all for the diversification of models in the high fashion world. After all fashion is supposed to celebrate the person wearing the clothes no matter in what skin color. Along with African American models, among the many beautiful that i'd also  love to see more of are our Asian beauties! Check out this gorgeous cover of China Vogue!
© 2009 Frédérique Renaut 

Monday, February 8, 2010

beautiful haute couture by Stephane Rolland!

This is probably my favorite couture show for SS 2010. The gowns and suits and skirts are soo beautiful! I honestly loved every piece.

Valentino Spring 2010 couture..

I love this couture suit by Valentino...and the black tie around shoes are AMAZING!