Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things on my shopping list for spring!!!

Ok so when it comes to spring and summer.. I really don't get all floral and springy.. I definitely layer a lot less and stick to things that are a bit more basic... I have a few things that I am going to need for this spring.. so check out my list!!!

1. The perfect pair of DROP CROTCH pants.. it's been soo hard for me to find the perfect pair.. i'm searching.. and I wont stop till I come across a decent priced pair!!

2. I know its supposed to be spring and all... and your supposed to wear sandals and open toed shoes but I still really need these acne wedges...I mean.. look at them.. there soo cute!

3. As much of a big bag girl I am ( that sounded kinda odd) I really want a small leather studded purse. This spring and I think ill need something easy to carry around instead of hauling a big ole heavy bag.

4.  I really need a denim shirt.. I mean come on... everyone needs one right, it's a classic I a need one asap! i'd like on with some distressing or something extra on it.. not so plain..

5. I definitely need to go sunglass hunting.. for me this is really hard because I end up liking like 20 glasses. So I need to shop around and find a few ( maybe 3 ) I like.. its nice to have a nice black pair.. a brown pair and a funky fun pair!! I definitely want a pair of Carrera shades though, they're really classic and there's something about them I really like!

6. Accessories, accessories, accessories!!!! I really need to load up on them. Cool bangles, necklaces, rings.. the whole shabang!! I'm not really into plastic things like rings or bangles.. keep it authentic and original by wearing metal or even leather jewelry...plastic can get kinda actually it is tacky. Then again I guess it can be done the right way : )


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