Sunday, May 30, 2010

GaGa on live interview

Remember when I blogged about having to pay to watch this live interview on of Lady Gaga... well today was a free 2 hour live stream of an interview with Gaga herself.  After waking up extremely late from staying up till around 5am watching the k pop drama Coffe Prince on Hulu I stopped by to view the interview. I was a little skeptical because sometimes gaga really gets on my nerves, at least when it comes to interviews. I enjoy Gagas music and I love the fact that she has this passion for music, fashion, and the arts, but why does she have to be should I say this....fake. when I say fake I don't mean like she's lying about everything she says or she is two faced but she's a NY gal and she puts on this odd british accent...I just don't get it. I get that british accent are cool and all, and maybe she thinks it will give her brownie points and make her seem more avante garde or something but when you're talking to a british person it's just plain odd especially if they know you're from NY! Then she stated something about how she wants to be known as peaceful...really Gaga... peaceful your performance at the mtv vma's was nothing close to peaceful, I mean she hung herself at the end. lol But is was an amazing performance!!!! It's like half the time I don't even listen to Gaga because I feel like everything that comes out of her mouth is a bunch of bull to make a show out of even the simplest thing called an interview, and i'd be better off meeting her in a coffee shop in NY without any cameras to really get a feel for how truly amazing she is, minus the costumes and makeup and weird accent. Gaga I really do like you, but sometimes I just wanna tell you to cut the crap.. your music is amazing and I love the passion you put into everything you do. I'm a fan... i really am!


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