Wednesday, May 5, 2010

random blurb

So as I was going through my itunes today I starting I scrolled through around 2 thousand songs I noticed how much I've changed and grown and how I've gone through my own mini evolution. Its really interesting. I had stuff all the way from Protozoas zoom zoom zoom song to My chemical romance, to the smiths to the scissor sisters to Marylyn Manson. Is that odd? At one point or another I was really into every single song on my ipod whereas now I look at certain songs and im was I doing? It made me think about what makes me "me" why do I like the things I like? why can I like one thing one year and the next year have it drive me nuts? What about me will change and what will stay the same. Will I always be something else...if so, im not sure if thats good or bad! I guess its all good if im changing for the better and not the worse....this is such a random post...oh well.

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