Saturday, June 5, 2010

how did i miss this...

I heard about Rick Owens flagship store opening in Seoul.. .but I had no idea Lee Hyori or YB and GD would be guests... not that they wouldn't be or anything...I just wasn't expecting it, any ways... YB and GD looked amazing decked out in Rick Owens. I also have to admit GD has an great sense of style...I know he probably has amazing stylists but im pretty sure he'd look amazing without them. I saw a few photos of Lee Hyori at the event too but to be honest I wasn't feeling her getup... it was a little overdone in my opinion, and if you're going to show up to a Rick Owens event then you really need to have your look look effortless because every thing Rick Owens does is effortlessly badass with a little space-age grunge mixed in. Anyways.. I love Rick Owens and i'm pretty sure i'd pass out if I could even be in the same area where a Rick Owens item is sold haha. Check the photos out of GD and YB here, I even threw in a photo of Lee Hyori so you could see what I mean by overdone and trying a little too hard. :P

P.S. Just in case I get attacked by some crazy BB fan, these photos are not mine they're from check it out if you're a BB fan there's plenty of BB goodies for you there.

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