Monday, June 14, 2010

so ill admit it...

So i'll admit it.. im a tad bit jealous of Chloë Sevigny, I mean look at her, she's gorgeous and well...someone im very fond of likes her...a lot! You cant help but find something about her extremely mysterious and intriguing and because of this I really envy her Ugh! (not in a bad ay though). Any ways, she has a really amazing sense of style and to be honest I really don't think she tries too hard to be stylish. I like that a lot about her. She seems like the type who knows what she likes and it just so happens to look great! Chloë Sevigny recently came out with a collection for Opening Ceremony and I love the pieces in it. It's got something great in it for every one, a little leather, some floral prints, skirts, and leggings! here are some of the looks I really liked. Oh did I mention she modeled the clothing herself..yeah..I know right. you guys can check these photos out while I go shove my face with Oreos...sigh*

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