Sunday, June 27, 2010

this seriously sucks....

So you guys may know i'm currently on a "family trip" to Ohio... and let me tell you.. i'm having the most miserable trime ever.. having little to no internet connecton, seeing how Ohio really doesnt have much going on...and as much as I want to say being with my family makes me happy...well being with them 24-7 doesn't. I think im going crazy and I cant wait for my trip to Chicago on in regards to the only thing that can lift my spirits right about now is FASHION.. to make myself feel a bit better I browsed through net a porter .com and here are a few things I really loved... these two black Jimmy Choo bags, one is the Blythe bag and I cant rememeber the name of the other, also this super cute Chloe cherry bag, this Judith Leiber wildcat crystal clutch and these Mark Jacobs hounds tooth brogues! Thanks to everyone whos visited my blog while i've been on "vacation" when I get back to my office i'll be sure to post more often!!!


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