Friday, June 11, 2010


 I like Jeffrey Campbell shoes, they're innovative and make a statement but when I saw this I was like "why". Why did Jeffery Campbell have to go and tamper with Alexander Mcqueens shoe? I just don't get it. Did he think people were going to be like"oh Jeffery Campbell made a shoe that looks just like it, after Alexander made his masterpieces, so i'm going to get a cheaper, clunky, black suede version!" least thats not what i'm saying. Why on earth would I spend money on anything but the actual ones, I mean its not like getting an off brand box of tissues or some knock off Ray Bans! Its Alexander McQueen and its just kinda odd that Jeffery Campbell would even try to make anything resembling Alexander McQueens shoes, but it's a "tribute" shoe so I guess that makes it less awkward...

p.s. I love wedges. but that is one hell of an ugly wedge...if thats what you'd even call it. Oh.. i still love Jeffery Campbell shoes but I just don't get this.

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  1. Jeffrey Campbell is the clown king of knock-offs. He's ripped off everything from McQueen to Acne's Atacomas. I find it somewhat valiant that he's trying to make such classic designs more affordable, but I don't respect his methods at all. Jeffrey Campbell is a thief.