Monday, September 20, 2010

Time to take a break!

Hello fellow readers! After many hours of contemplation about myself, what i want out of my life and what i want to do with my life ive come to some really interesting and exciting conclusions. I know I want to design but i cant get over how annoyed and bombarded i feel by media, pop culture. I dont want to sound all arty fartsy but while thinking things over with a friend we came to agree on the fact that we are ridiculously dependent on mass media and pop culture. So dependent, that when we're trying to brew up some form of creative ideas we were in reality recycling everything we've seen in magazines, blogs, tv, for the past few years. In response to this I've come to the conclusion that ill be taking a break as best as possible from an excess of fashion media (that includes me posting on this blog! ). It'll be a breath of fresh air and i think ill discover what exactly this creative seed inside me is capable of growing into without a bunch of commercial influences. It will be interesting to see how all of this affects me, and i know its well needed. As irritated as i feel already knowing i wont be checking up on all of the blogs i follow or the fashion sites i frequent, i know that ill  honestly discover something about myself and around me, instead of what some CEO of a company wants me to feel about myself and what's around me( if that makes sense). So ill see you all in a month! My friend and i will be posting our reflections on how all of this goes on another blog here feel free to follow it you  like.


p.s. this isn't depressing its exciting!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Theyskens Theory///

I had never heard or Theyskens Theory but I came across their SS2011 collection and im seriously loving every single thing I see! The shapes, the fit, the colors...its everything I love and would want for myself! I think I looked through the photos of the show about 10 times. I am officially a huge fan of Theyskens Theory and I cant wait to see more for them in the future!
SOooo.. a few minutes after I posted this post I youtubed Theyskens Theory and found out its designed by non other than Olivier Theyskens!!...and now I feel super retarded...."Theyskens" Theory..Olivier "Theyskens"  :S


I couldn't help but love these looks from Jeremy Scott's SS 2011 collection! All T's were spot on as always!

Some pretty amazing y-3's

These are some pretty amazing Y-3's

uber long day...hlfw pics and vids

So today was day one of Hautelanta Fashion Week! I had a super great time and worked my butt off too! Hautelanta Fashion week showcases various up-and-coming Georgia designers for a five day long event. I saw a lot of looks on the runway I thought were really nice the crowd was great! Here are a few pics and vids I managed to snap of the red carpet, some of my favorite looks, and other randomness.. enjoy. By the way, this event took place In Atlanta, Ga just to let you guys know! Please visit the official Hautelanta Fashion Week website here
p.s. ill be posting more photos and vids throughout the 5 days of the fashion week! so stay tuned!