Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I really need these...RAD I LOVE YOUR AESTHETIC!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BRAIN!!!

So an amazing Rad coat costs about 600 and his to die for MYKITA collab sunglasses that graced his spring 2011 show are about 500..they are amazing and I would seriously DIE for them!!! ( ok maybe not die..) but In all honesty where is the value? The difference is what, only a hundred bucks...i dont get why they're basically the same price? Which one isn't priced right? Then again who the heck am I to question the pricing...I'm sure both the jackets and sunglasses costed a pretty penny to make...or do they? Ok so I'm done over analyzing something I really don't have to right or business analyzing ( but as a prospective buyer..who could never afford to buy either anyways, I do have the right...right?!)

Anyways! When I saw the show the first thing I did was wipe the drool of my face because of how ridiculously cool the shades are...RAD I LOVE YOUR AESTHETIC!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BRAIN!!! ( in a completely normal way... )

P.s. Photo I randomly googled for and its from hypebeast.com check it out it's actually a really amazing site!

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